When Strategy Becomes Damaging

So they say you should always have a strategy. Having a strategy ensures return on investment. Strategy ensures you’re smartly going about your work plan. But is there such a thing as too much strategy? Well there’s the saying that too much of anything is never good. So maybe the bell curve does exist for strategic marketing. And if so, how would you know you’re on the downward curve?

Strategy calls for a lot of planning and thinking. The downside is, when you think and think and think and think some more….. you’re not executing. The strategy you designed using the current frame of mind and current factors may change tomorrow when new factors come into play because, fact is, everything is fluid and ever changing.

When you prepare strategies, in a way, you more or less assume that time has stopped and everything is at a standstill when the fact is, while you’re busy working on a strategy, changes are occurring every second.

While strategy is great to have, just maybe when it comes to digital marketing, strategy is a bit overrated. Don’t get me wrong, I do believe in having a healthy level of strategic planning, but just maybe at times, you have to throw away the blueprint, get your hands dirty and get on with the show.

‘Ready? Aim? Fire!’

When you work in a highly volatile field, which becomes the more important key to survive? Is it strategic thinking skills? Or is it the ability to improvise? My personal ingredient as of July 2016 is 40/60 (mind you, I might change my mind again with the change of time). What’s yours?


An avid digital marketer and writer, Monlamai completed her studies in technology and psychology. She is interested in everything related to online marketing, with a soft spot for SEO and content marketing. Connect with her to share and discuss anything related to the internet, marketing, technology and psychology!

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