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[Infographic] 22 Ways to Find New Content Ideas

I guess we all get stuck somewhere sometime with content development. Here’s a great infographic on ways to find new content ideas and inspiration for that ‘I’m stuck’ moment. It’s a bit old but then again, content development (and writing) is pretty much timeless. And yup. Recycling and curation is alright. Copying isn’t. Monlamai V An avid digital marketer and… Read more →


What the Heck is Writer’s Block?!

It is what it is…..a block. Writer’s block is when the writer is just completely stuck and can’t write a single coherent sentence. The condition was first documented in 1947 by Edmund Bergler, a psychoanalyst. (Hint hint: who’s to say writing and psychology are 2 completely different things). Common causes of writer’s block are in fact quite surprising: ADHD, Brain Activity, Anxiety, Depression, Alcohol… Read more →