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[Infographic] 22 Ways to Find New Content Ideas

I guess we all get stuck somewhere sometime with content development. Here’s a great infographic on ways to find new content ideas and inspiration for that ‘I’m stuck’ moment. It’s a bit old but then again, content development (and writing) is pretty much timeless. And yup. Recycling and curation is alright. Copying isn’t. Monlamai VAn avid digital marketer and writer,… Read more →


What the Heck is Writer’s Block?!

It is what it is…..a block. Writer’s block is when the writer is just completely stuck and can’t write a single coherent sentence. The condition was first documented in 1947 by Edmund Bergler, a psychoanalyst. (Hint hint: who’s to say writing and psychology are 2 completely different things). Common causes of writer’s block are in fact quite surprising: ADHD, Brain Activity, Anxiety, Depression, Alcohol… Read more →