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The Mango Shop – A Story of Marketing Simplicity

There is a story I was told many many years ago by my dad, since before I started my digital career; actually even before I completed my studies, which I have retold so many times ever-since I stepped into the digital marketing world. And it always brought insight to the audience. I always get that ‘ahhhhhh, that’s how it works’ look… Read more →

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The Difference Between Personality and Character

Many of us end up using these two terms: Personality and Character, interchangeable in our everyday speech when in fact they are very different. How so? And why does it matter to know the difference? Take for example, Matt who’s a love-able, outgoing and extroverted person. Everyone simply falls in love with his charming personality after a few minutes of… Read more →

Let’s Define Content Marketing

Some light weight inspiring content marketing definitions for the weekend! Monlamai VAn avid digital marketer and writer, Monlamai completed her studies in technology and psychology. She is interested in everything related to online marketing, with a soft spot for SEO and content marketing. Connect with her to share and discuss anything related to the internet, marketing, technology and psychology! Read more →

ทำไมน้องหมา น้องเหมียวเป็นเซเลบกันเพียบเลย?!

นั่นก็น้องหมา นี่ก็น้องแมว แล้วไหนจะสารพัดสัตว์เลี้ยงหน้าตามุ้งมิ้ง ที่เดี๋ยวนี้ ตอนเรานั่งๆ นอนๆ เล่น Facebook หรือ Instagram เลื่อนฟีดแต่ละที นี่ไม่เคยพลาดเซเลบหมาแมวกันเลยใช่ไหมคะ? เรียกได้ว่า เซเลบหมาแมวมีให้เห็นกันเป็นพันๆ แอคเคาท์เลยทีเดียว Melonie PootHza Writer, a Thinker, an Art & Travel Lover, a Doer, a Marketer. Addicted to learning new things. ชอบคิด ชอบเขียน ชอบอ่าน ชอบกิน ชอบเที่ยว ชอบงานศิลปะ และชอบเรียนรู้ไม่รู้จบ Read more →

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Do You Need To Be A Writer To Be A Content Marketer?

While content marketing requires a diverse skill set as described in the article: Please Mind The Gap Between Content and Conversions, there are huge benefits of having writing skills or at least, the writer’s mindset. As a writer, you’ve been through some training or working experience for writers that are highly valuable for the content marketer as well. For instance,… Read more →

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Please Mind the Gap between Content and Conversion

Although strategy, budget, pro-activeness and branding practices are all important ingredients in any content marketing mix, at its core lies the content marketer. Once a strategy is in place, it’s simply a blue print. How strong, spotless and grand the final building stands depends on how experienced and dedicated the constructors are. The constructors, in this case refers to the… Read more →