Chocolatteaddict.com is a casual digital marketers’ blog, I (Monlamai) set-up for fellow digital marketers to freely blog and share their ideas and creative thinking. Articles on the blog doesn’t have to be related to digital marketing, as you can see from Putipa’s article about Winnie the Pooh’s Philosophy! Nor is the blog segmented by language. Chocolatteaddict.com is not a commercial blog, but a place for my fellow marketers to freely write what comes to mind and a safe place to share their inner most thoughts about marketing, workplace, teamwork, psychology and more! The blog is as much for the reader as it is for the bloggers.

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When you put a group of girls together, all of whom are digital marketers, what do you get?
Chocolate, latte and a whole lot of talks about food!

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Narisa’s Sticks of Wonder