Month: December 2015

character ethics

The Difference Between Personality and Character

Many of us end up using these two terms: Personality and Character, interchangeable in our everyday speech when in fact they are very different. How so? And why does it matter to know the difference? Take for example, Matt who’s a love-able, outgoing and extroverted person. Everyone simply falls in love with his charming personality after a few minutes of… Read more →

be happy freedom

The REBT for Digital Marketers

Hang on. What’s REBT? REBT is well-known among psychologist and the mental health professionals. It stands for Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy developed by Albert Ellis in 1955. So why I’m bring this up side-by-side with digital marketing? I’ve seen a lot of digital marketers’ tears, from more reasons that I can possibly list here. Now, of course I completely respect every… Read more →